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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Bring the presence of God into the community by living the example of Christ's love!
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Suggested Reading

Goody’s Recommendations

     • 2017 UMW Book Recommendations Log

Reflections from Glen Springs”     
~written by Judy Marquis (with Good Shepherd’s own Richard Curtis doing the graphic design and layout)
This book is the story of Glen Lake’s successful effort to restore and preserve a native Northwest Michigan shore land. The photos tell the story of the written word. Here is a quote from the book...
“Plastic forks, ballpoint pens, rocks/gravel/boulders, 2x6s, four-inch-long rusty nails, an oil slick, deadfall, and one very weird splintery wooden platform—you name it, and it has been thrown in and on the Glen Lake shore land that was to become our restoration site.”
Find it in the Non-Fiction section of the Good Shepherd Church Library!
Norah’s Ark
~written by Judy Baer
Nora Kent is the owner-operator of Norah’s Ark Pet Store and Doggie B and B—Bed and Biscuit. The characters in this book deal with real-life problems and triumphs that show the details of living out faith daily. Here is a quote from the book…
“Hi, my name is Bentley. I’m a mutt with a dash of pit bull in the soup, and I have issues. I’m not likely to win any beauty pageants, and I’m afraid of cats. But my human, Norah Kent, thinks I’m the greatest despite all my shortcomings. The problem is Norah won’t go out with anyone who doesn’t like me.”
Find it in the Fiction section of the Good Shepherd Church Library!
Tops & Bottoms
~written and illustrated by Janet Stevens
With roots in European folktales and the slave stories of the American South, Tops and Bottoms celebrates the trickster tradition of beating hardship by using one’s wits. And an acre of hilarity tops it all off!
Bear has lots of money and lots of land—and he’s lazy. Hare has nothing but a hungry family—and he’s smart. Hare is sure there’s a way to share Bear’s wealth so he and Mrs. Hare cook up a plan. Then Hare hops on down the road to Bear’s place and proposes that Bear donate land, Hare handle labor, and they split the crop in half. All Bear has to do is choose the half he wants—tops or bottoms. Sleepy Bear takes tops but finds once the harvest is in that he’s been tricked by clever Hare!
Find it in the Kids’ Korner of the Good Shepherd Church Library!
— Goody!